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February’s Authors Spotlight


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February’s Authors Spotlight & bonus book(s) goes to Shashana Page with Intuition and Grace. 

Shashana Page, Author, Founder, and CEO of Lost Page Publishing, was raised by her grandmother in the city of San Bernardino, California. Determined to overcome the unfortunate circumstances associated with being born to heroin-addicted parents, she obtained a degree in nursing by the age of twenty four. During the course of pursuing her education, Shashana was unexpectedly forced to face single motherhood as a result of the brutal murder of the love of her life and father of her children. Despite the obstacles presented before her, Shashana nurtured two beautiful daughters who now attend college full time. Her gift of writing was unveiled during an English course required for nursing school. Only to be rediscovered, two decades later, while writing a short story entitled, Paris. After embracing her career as a Registered Nurse for twenty three years, Shashana has allowed her intuition to guide her into this literary and publishing journey. It’s been a long time coming. Nevertheless, she is finally given the opportunity to share her passion with the world, as it is revealed in her debut novel, “Intuition”

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